Download Html Colors 2000 Windows 7, ect

HTMLColors 2000 is an excellent program, with which you can quickly and accurately determine the color in any part of the screen.

Advanced Multi Tabbed Widget for Blogger

Today I am going to share a very beautiful, attracting widget that I came across was the Multi Tabbed Widget scripted by Barelyfitz and stylized by Lawny Designs. This widget is one of the best widget but the original designers did not made it for blogger platform. But you guys don't worry as I modified their coding and make this widget compatible for blogger platform. This widget is being used on many popular blogs also. This widget is quite easy to install and can be installed on the blog having low free space. By using the tabs, visitors can enjoy posts categorized differently. So lets start rolling your fingers to add this widget to your blog.

Add Multi Tabbed Widget to Blogger:

To add this widget to your Blogger Blogs, follow these steps,

How to Track Downloads On Your Website

Everyone wants to know the status about his/her website. And who did not want to count the number of downloads of any file on his/her website? You may have observed that lots of professional designers track all their downloads. This in fact helps them to recognize the popularity of that particular file. So after researching a lot, I found a great and easiest way to track files even in any type of website. So lets go ahead.

Hyphens v.s Underscores in URLs for Better SEO

Most of us like the way Matt Cutts (head of Google Webspam team) discusses all the SEO Tips that apply to Google and removes each and every misconception and myth that is being wrongly propagated by both Off page and On page SEO. I am really proud to introduce that Google surely has a great customer service. You and I all write titles while writing any post. You should know that these titles are 88% responsible for driving the traffic towards your blog from the search engines.
Many of us actually don't realize that every character in the post title has its own significance and plays a great role in attracts decent traffic if wisely chosen. Titles are surely one of the important part of on-page SEO. So today we are discussing about a great topic on seo whether to use hyphens or underscores in urls.

How to Check Blog on Different Screen Resolutions?

Immediately after designing blog or website the very first thing we want to do is to check the blog layout on different resolutions to find out, whether the blog display completely or featuring half layout. Many people choose any blogger template which damage or partially seen on multiple devices. Whilst it is so necessary for every blogger and webmaster to check on his/her blog look on different resolutions. For anyone who is curious to find out why we have to have choose that template that supports multiple resolutions? We already know that you have more than hundred devices for accessing web. All of them have unique screens quality e. g Laptop, Netbook have unique style monitor than PC computer same in the case most of men and women using Apple ipad and Iphone which have its own screen quality.

How to add AddThis Welcome Bar in Blogger Blog

Did you suspect that blogging and site-building is increasing traffic? Effectively... not exactly!. Blogging is similar to exchanging with an audience. A Blogger does everything to maintain his target audience interested as well as engaged. Frequently he will get traffic, comments as well as subscribers on his site and Fans on Facebook and also other social sites.
One the simplest way to attract viewer's eyes is to add a welcome bar in your blog. And In this post I am going to show you how you can add AddThis Welcome bar in your blogspot blogs. This will get a long lasting impression on your visitors minds. So lets star the tutorial.

How to Hide Specific Posts from Homepage in Blogger

Do you wish to hide old or out-of-date articles as well as posts from your blog's homepage without deleting all of them? Generally, bloggers don’t choose to hide the posts from their homepage. However in some unusual cases they also choose not to show all of them. A blogger never want to show some sort of finished giveaway articles or blog posts and out of date coupons as well as expired articles. After ending any giveaway you must have to hide that post from homepage of your blog so that new visitors should not participate in it. It also leave a bad impact on them. Every blogger want to serve merely fresh and excellent articles as well as content for you to his/her blog users. So today i am going to show you how you can hide specific posts from your blog's homepage.