How to Add Alexa Ranking Widget to Blogger?

To attract visitors on our blog, we need to show the visitors that our blog is best and had a good traffic. We all know about Alexa very well, it is the Web Infomation Company which provides traffic ranking of our blog. To show our visitors blog's traffic we need to add a alexa widget to our blog which also helps us to improve our alexa rank. Alexa Widgets displays our Global Alexa Rank and backlinks of our blog and comes in three size banners. So today i will tell you the easy tutorial to add alexa ranking widget to our blog.

How to Add Alexa Widget?

  • Firstly go to this URL (click here) , now type the URL of your blog and click on build widget.
Now copy the html code of the desired dimension you want to show .

Steps to Add Alexa Widget to Blogger:

  • Log in to your blogger dashboard.
  • Choose you blog and browse to layout Tab.
  • Click on Add a gadget and click on HTML/Javascript.
  • Paste the code that was copied from Alexa website and save the settings.
  • That's it you are done now you can find the Alexa traffic widget on your website.

These are the easy steps to add alexa ranking widget to blogger. We will soon publish more articles to improve alexa and add alexa review widget also. Its your turn to share this post and write your review about this post till then Stay Tuned!

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