How to File an Online DMCA Compaint for Blogger to Google?

Blogging is a journey regarding providing excellent and unique content totally free to all of us. A blogger works hard to write his articles. He really does a physical and online investigation to get something creative and brand-new for his readers. As soon as the research, they gives something unique for his devoted readers and visitors. But when someone duplicates or re-publish his copyrighted articles then it hurts a lot to the author. Copycats should understand that stealing articles from different websites is illegal, it's short-run benefit and soon they'll be caught. Here we are discussing about how to file an online DMCA compaint to Google for our Blogger blog's copyrighted hard work. So lets start the tutorial.

What is Google DMCA?

Google introduced this feature to protect original content by Duplicate Contents. When someone coiped our blog posts then we have to file a DMCA Complaint notice to Google to delete that duplicate content from the particular blog.
It is a free service for everyone so that every blogger can use it to remove duplicate contents of his blog.

How to File DMCA Complaint?

You can file the DMCA compaint for each and every blog who copied your original content. It is necessary that the blog having your duplicate content is hosted on Blogger Platform.

First of all, Go to Blogger DMCA Complaint Form. After that a simple form will appear, let's check how to fill it correctly.

Filling Contact Information:

  • Name : Enter the name here which you are using as author of your blog..
  • Company Name : Write your blog name here.
  • Full Legal Name Of The Copyright Holder You Represent : You have to write the full name of the original copyrighted author i.e you.
  • Contact Email Address : Write your email address here because it helps you to receive emails about your complaint.
  • Country Residence : Fill your residential country here.

Filling Your Copyrighted Work Info:

Where We Can See an Authorized Example Of The Work ?: Here you have to fill out the full url of your blog post.

Filling Identify and Describe The Copyrighted Work : You have to fill here your solid proof that you owns that content and how you caught up the duplicate content. Make sure to write an attractive message.

Filling Location Of The Allegedly Infringing Material: So, In this column you have to fill up the url of the duplicate content which is copied from your blog.

Filling Sworn Statements and Signature: Check the two checkboxes and in the date section fill up the current date or choose current date option and signed it with your Full name.

At Last Sending Complaint:

After filling the columns you have to click on the Submit button and you will receive an email saying thanks to you and in next two weeks they will review your application and step out the necessary suitable action.

Final Words:

It is not a such difficult task to file DMCA Complaint against copycats. Now It's your turn to share this post with your friends so that they also can get benefits of it and don't forget to write your views in comments till then Peace, Blessings and Happy Filing.

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