How to Prevent Receiving Traffic from Bad/Spam Sites?

Every Blogger wants a lot of traffic to his blog but we should avoid getting low quality traffic or referral traffic to our blog. We thought that when our blog got more pageviews then our earnings will increase but it is the thought of newbies only. Google Penguin penalized those sites which are getting so much referral traffic or bad quality traffic. Also according to Google Adsense policies, our blog must gettig 50% of the organic traffic so if we get a lot of referral or low quality traffic then there is a risk to get our adsense account disabled. The low quality traffic comes from bots not by humans so we should avoid it and try to get lot of organic traffic to our blog. Today we will discuss two methods about how we can stop spam traffic? So lets start.

Identifying the Bad Sites  :

We can check our traffic sources from our traffic counter or Stats Option provided in Blogger. Most of us use Google Analytics to count our traffic. So to check bad sites in Google Analytics:

Go to Google Analytics >> Traffic Sources >> Referrals

It will show total referral traffic sources.
Check that these sites are not associated with the below points:

  • Pornographic / Nudity Content
  • Copied content
  • Pirated Material
  • Hacking Content
  • Black Hate SEO
  • And all other illegal things
If you find sites matching with above points make a list of them.

How to Stop Traffic from Bad Sites:

  • Go to Your Blog's Template Tab and Click on Edit HTML.
  • Find <head> tag in your template.
  • Copy the below code and Paste it below <head> tag.
<script type='text/javascript'>
var block = ['url1', 'url2'];
for (var b = block.length; b--;) {
    if (document.referrer.match(block[b]))
        window.location = "";

  • Fill URLs From Where To Traffic Should Be Blocked or Bad Site's URL.
  • Fill URL Where All The Traffic Should Be Redirected!
  • Save the Template and You're Done!

Final Words:

So these are the easy steps to stop receiving Spam Traffic to your blog and increase your SERP. Now it's your turn to share this post and write your review in the comment box till then Peace, Blessings and Happy Preventing.

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