How to Reduce Your Blog Loading Time?

Blog loading time is among the most important factor for SEO and for all bloggers and webmasters. This is among the greatest element in the criteria of SEO.If someone searches for any query and meet up with your blog and click on your blog link then if you blog starts continuously loading then the searcher will simply press the back button and move to another results. Nobody likes those sites which takes so much times to load and they will not ever wants to visit it in future. If your blog loading time is more than 6-8 seconds then it is very bad for your blog SEO and it might destroy your blogging journey.

How to Check Blog Loading Time:

You can easily check your blog/website loading time by online tools. You just need to put your blog url and then it will shows you your blog loading grades from 100. If your blog loading grades is 90 or more then you are safe and if it is lower than 90 then you have to follow below tips to reduce it.
If your blog's loading time is 90 or more then you are safe or if it is less then you have to reduce it by using following tips.

Ways to Reduce Blog Load Time:

Always Avoid Javascript:
Javascripts effect your blog loading time if you have inserted unnecessary widgets in your blog. Use only necessary widgets and try to remove unwanted javascripts from your blog.

Do not Use Too Many Social Media buttons:
Just put social media buttons at one place. You see many blogs adding social media buttons below post title, below posts, floating with screen etc. it increases our blog load time.

Use 1 to 2 images in post:
Images are the backbone of a blog post but adding too many images increases blog load time so try to add only 1 to 2 images per post only.

Reduce Advertisement on blog:
Advertisements codes are made of javascripts and it will surely increases your blog loading time. Adding too much advertisements will increase your blog load time so always put some ads units.

Always show few posts on home page (very important):
Homepage is the first page of your blog and it is the page where the visitors landed so it will be load faster than other pages. Try to show 5-7 posts on your homepage and add jump break to your blog posts. You can set post limit by:
Go to >> Blogger dashboard >> Settings >> Post and Comments:

Final Words:

I hope my tips can helps you in reducing your blog loading time. Now It's your turn to share this post with your friends and write your feedback in comments till then Peace, Blessings and Happy Loading.

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