How to Add Paypal Donate Button to Blogger Blog?

If you need to make a few bucks from the hard work that you are putting into your own Blogger blog then consider adding a new PayPal donate button on your Blogger blog (BlogSpot blog). Adding a donation button will encourage the many happy readers to express a big thank for helping you. Not every reader will donate but you're going to get the few bucks that are enough to make your blog run. In this Blogger tutorial i am showing you to how you can add a gadget on the Blogger sidebar or alternatively you could place it in the footer of your own Blogger template. If you wish to place the paypal donate button into your Blogger posts blog then start rolling your fingers on the tutorial.

How to Add?

Follow these steps to add Paypal Donate button to your blogger blog:
  1. Log into PayPal.
  2. Click The Merchant Services and go below Donate Option under Create Button

 3.  Selection it fill the form, Leave step-2 and step-3 as default.

 4. Done Create Button.

 5.  Click Remove code protection Link in order to simplify the code. Its completely safe even this way.

6. Copy the code.
7.  Login to your blogger account and select the blo's layout.
8.  Add a Gadget > HTML/Javascript
9.  Paste the code and Click Save. You are Done!

Now you have successfully added Paypal Donate Button to your blog.

Final Words:

It's a great widget to get money from your visitors to earn some bucks that can help you in run your blog and paid your domain charges. Now It's your turn to share this post with your friends and write your views in comments till then Peace, Blessings and Happy Earnings.

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