Google Adsense PIN and Address Verification Instantly Online

After all I got approved for adsense but just after earning a few dollars google adsense started displaying alerts on my adsense dashboard. After earning $10 adsense alert me with a message that my income are on hold and I must verify my residential address by way of a personal distinctive PIN (pin post by google  on my house address in any letter) before I'm able to withdraw my earnings.
Trouble: Google Adsense mailed me just about all 3 correspondence (having PIN) but I am receving none. Despite waiting for 4 months after the release of 1st PIN I didn’t get it. After a few months of sending 1st pin Google temporarily stopped displaying ads in my web site and alternatively asked me to hold back for no less than 4 weeks to take delivery of the most current PIN they'd send. So I was going to lose my four weeks adsense earnings? Or I will be just likely to end standing on hold permanently? Read the particular post to solve all most of these issue in a few moments.

The red color alert message that you may see in your own adsense account dashboard after earning $10 is actually “Your payments are on hold. Action must taken to release payment. More details. ” Or ultimately after a few months (from the day when first verification PIN was sent) “. If you enter the Pin incorrect three times then your adsense will be parmanently blocked. So here is an easy online method which was introduced by Google itself to verify address online.

How to Verify Address Online?

  • First of all, you need to do is fill a form that Google provides to verify your pin -> Click Here

  • Now in the form enter the details that are required, first your full name (likely to be Adsense Payee Name) and then your email address and then the publisher ID .Now you have to attach a document as an identity proof to matches the address that you have provided in your Adsense account address field. It can be a Driving License,an Identity card issued by Govt. , but remember it should have that same address that you have provided in your Adsense account details.
  • Click Submit and wait for a verification mail,that will look something like this:

After you receive an E-mail from Google Adsense regarding the verification process completion,you are all set and done to make money.
Now your address is totally verified and you don't need to get PIN on your home address. You are now ready to get earnings to your home directly.

Final Words:

It is a great way to verify your adsense account address and get rid of PIN. Now It's your turn to share this post with your friends and share your views in comments till then Peace, Blessings and Happy Earnings.

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