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Wednesday, 15 January 2014

How to Make All External Links Nofollow Automatically in Blogger?

Firstly, Before making all external links no-follow you have to know just what is a no-follow link and why to produce all the external links no-follow. Here in the following paragraphs you will find complete information about just what no-follow link, the rel="nofollow" attribute and tips on how to add the rel="nofollow" attribute in blogger.

What is Nofollow Link?

Like the name implies the no-follow link is really a link that tells the search engine bots do not follow as well as crawl the following link.

What is rel="nofollow" Attribute?

rel="nofollow" is an attribute which helps your site to maintain its PAGE RANK juice or perhaps SEO by showing the search engine optimization not to check out a specific link. It's likely you have seen this nofollow tag from the meta tag- Robot. The nofollow attribute tells the search engine bots not to crawl any specific link. This nofollow tag can also be used with hyperlinks. You can just add rel="nofollow" to generate any link nofollow or perhaps rel="dofollow" to generate the link ( dofollow) .Dofollow is simply opposite in order to nofollow,  it tells the search engine optimization bot in order to crawl this page.

Pertaining to eg.:
 <a href="http: //">MyBloggerBuzz</a>
is a example link which you need to make nofollow. Now all you need to do is add the rel="nofollow" atribute like this:

<a href="http: //" rel="nofollow"> MyBloggerBuzz</a>

Okay, now do you know what is a new nofollow link, what is rel="nofollow" attribute even so the question continues to be "Why add the rel="nofollow" attribute from the external hyperlinks? " or perhaps "Why to make all external links nofollow?.

Why to make all External Links Nofollow?

 Just like I have talked earlier that rel="nofollow" attribute is made to prevent search engine bots never to crawl almost any specific page. So currently the issue arises "Why do we tell google bots never to crawl almost any external page? "

It is because the search engines pagerank, alexa position etc enhances getting huge backlinks from social bookmark creating sites, net directories, web page link exchanging approach or specifically access by means of users. At normal intervals search engine bots listing links with your blog (both internal and external links). The more better search engine bots crawl your links the better you'll receive positioned on search engine ranking, but in case your blog has a great deal of external links and you are not using nofollow feature then  search engine bots will probably prefer these pages certainly not yours and therefore referring targeted visitors to some others sites along with your blog search engine ranking will go down.

How to Make All External Links Nofollow?

  • Click on Edit HTML button.
  • Find the </head> tag by pressing ctrl+f  and typing </head> in the search box.
  • Now add the following code above the </head> tag :
<script src='' type='text/javascript'></script>
<script type='text/javascript'>
var a = $(this);
var href = a.attr('href');
$(document).ready(function() {

$("a[href^='http://']").each(function () {
if(this.href.indexOf(location.hostname) == -1) {
$(this).attr('target', '_blank');
$(this).attr('title', 'Click to open in a new window');
$(this).attr('rel', 'nofollow');
$("a[href^='https://']").each(function () {
if(this.href.indexOf(location.hostname) == -1) {
$(this).attr('target', '_blank');
$(this).attr('title', 'Click to open in a new window');
$(this).attr('rel', 'nofollow');


  • Do not add the text in red if you have JQuery plugin installed.
  • Save the changes and you are done.

Final Words:

You successfully made your blog's all external links nofollow and it saves your Pagerank and SEO juice. Now It's your turn to share this post with your friends and write your feedback in comments till then Peace, Blessings and Happy Linking.

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  1. This is great guide. I apply it in my blog and it works very well.

    Thanks for making this guide helps me a lot! =)

  2. Only Links should be nofollow and rest need to be dofollow. Can you accomplish that?

  3. Nice Post... i like the information you offered through this post. Your efforts for this post are appreciable
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  4. hi what do you mean do not put text in red?

  5. Thanks for this tutorial, I truely appreciate it, because it saves me the headache of remembering to tag links as nofollow.

    I have a few questions though:

    1) Does putting the code in my template make all the previously entered links in old blog posts nofollow, or does it only apply to any future one?

    2) I type most of my blog post on my iPad using the Blogsy app, will it still mark all the external link that could figure in the text body as "nofollow" since I hate usuing the blogger app, or even the in browser blogger post. Posts I publish via Blogsy all have a little icon at the bottom of each post to promote the app, I assume the link in that icon is "nofollow" too with the new code in the template?

    3) Does the nofollow code you shared in the tutorial affect the comments? Because my readers tend to add more external link in the comments than I do myself on my blog, and I would really appreciate if these comments didnt leak my SEO juice.

    Thanks in advance

  6. Is there anyway to override the ALL nofollow for external links? I do roundups that share other bloggers work, and I would like to dofollow their links. Everytime I add a "dofollow" the jquery overrides it automatically. Is there someway I can get this to stop doing it? Or a way to just nofollow OLD posts and not new ones?

  7. I have tried using it in my blog:
    I got Website audited and all the external URL were found not attributed with nofollow at all, however I still see nofollow attribute being added to the links. Any suggestions???

  8. I got Website audited and all the external URL were found not attributed with nofollow at all, however I still see nofollow attribute being added to the links. Any suggestions???

  9. Hello Admin,
    Both tricks are useful, Thanks for sharing. Is there any method that we can nofollow all external links Except own external links.


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