How to Remove QuickEdit Wrench and Pencil Icons in Blogger?

It's likely you have seen Pencil, Screwdriver and also Spanner links on your blogger blog. They seem like these symbols appear only if you are logged straight into your blog site. In modern tutorial I will share a little blogger hack about how to remove these pencil (quick edit), Wrench Spanner (Quick modify Gadget) icons. This is just a basic tutorial for beginners that can helps them to make their blogs more professional. By removing these icons you can easily see any change clearly in your blogger blog. We just need to add a little piece of coding to remove these quick edit icons for our blogger blog. So let's start the tutorial.

How these Icons Appear:

Hiding Quick Editing Pencil:

  • To hide the quick edit icon below the post, Go to:
  • Blogger Dashboard>> layout  
  • Click the edit link for the blog posts widget 
  • Uncheck the checkbox titled "Show Quick Editing" :

  • Click on save button.

Hiding Wrench Icons:

To remove wrench icons just paste the following code after the opening <b:skin> tag or before closing </b:skin> tag in your template:

Save The Template! and You're Done!

Final Words:

That's the simple and one more step for beginners to bring more professional looks to their blogs. Now It's your turn to share this post with your friends and write your views in comment box till then Peace, Blessings and Happy Removing.