How to Use CommentLuv Plugin On Blogger BlogSpot?

Every Bloggers would like to get comment on their blogs. WordPress Blog users are lucky that they have got much superior commenting system however the commenting system connected with blogger is just decent. It doesn’t attract visitors to comment on your website. Almost all WordPress users at the moment are using Commenluv plugin which usually inspire visitor to touch upon their blog. In addition, it also enhances your backlink. Integrating Commentluv plugin in self hosted wordpress is like a piece of cake but it always develop a confusion among Blogger users because a lot of the blogger thinks how to add communtluv plugin in blogger and thought that it is a complex process. For anyone who is also among all of them then today i am providing you the in depth guide for the installation of Commentluv plugin within your blogger blog.

What is CommenLuv & How It Works?

Commentluv is a very popular plugin which inspires your readers to do comments on your blog. If the reader has some sort of blog then his last article will appear with his comment. It improves backlinks therefore helpful for all type of bloggers.

How to Add CommetLuv to Blogger?

  • Fill up the Form as Shown in figure below:

  • Now You have to Upload Your Blog Template. For this Go To Your Blogger DashBoard>>Template>>Backup/Restore. And download your blogger template.
  • After downloading return back to the Upload template page and upload your template by clicking the choose file button. Then Click Upload File and continue. As Shown below:

  • After Clicking the button you will be redirected to a page containing your modified blogger template. The screen shot is provided below:

  • Now copy all the code in the box by clicking on the box. And again go to your blogger dashboard>>Template and then click on edit template. Your template code will open. Then select your template code by pressing ctrl+a and then delete the whole code. Now paste the code copied from the box in intense debate. Now Click on Save template.
  • After Saving when you will open your any blog post you will see the intense debate comments. But wait where is the CommentLuv plugin? The answer is you have to add the plugin. For this go to the page from where you copied the template code and click on the link "configure this IntenseDebate account". As shown Below:

  • After Clicking on it you will be redirected to your Intense Debate account. After getting there click on the plugin tab and click on Activate. As shown below:

  • You are done Now. Visit your blog post and you will see the plugin. If you don't see it wait for two or three hours and then you will see it or else contact me through comment section.

 Final Words:

This is a great plugin to attract commenters on your blog and force your visitors to comment on your posts,it also increase your blog pageviews and traffic. I hope you successfully added it to your blog now It's your turn to share this post and write your views in comments till then Peace, Blessings and Happy Commenting.

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