How to Create More Than 20 Pages In Blogger?

Toady we have been sharing an incredible trick for newbies bloggers by which they can easily create over 20 statics pages in blogger blogs. Yesterday i have received a numberless responses from my clients they would have voiced how we have can make over twenty pages with blogger blog. Even as we know that blogger has a lot of prominent features like wordpress. Google features included as extra features nearly with 2013 like Powerful Separate Meta Tags, Robots. txt file as well as programming like HTML editors and several mores. But guys you may have noticed that may huge number of limitation for blogger platform. Like this one, how to create over twenty pages with blogger blog. So in today post I will share with you tips on how to resolve this problem by playing just a little trick.

What Happens I We Create More Than 20 Pages:

If you have ever tried to make more then 20 pages in blogger default template then you will must get an error message saying like this:

Now how to solve this issue so that we can easily have more than twenty pages in blogger blog. just follow the below steps carefully read each one with attention and also try to practice on them. Now lets come to the points. 

How to Create More than 20 Pages?

Follow the below given steps carefully one by one. And implemented on your blogger blog. 

  • First of all create 20 pages inside the blog:  
  • After creating 20 static page "Click on edit button of the first page": See the screenshots


  • After clicking on edit button you will be able to see the url on top address bar: Copy The original address URL link from the top address bar like this: See the Screenshots:

  • Now copy and paste the URL in any text editor wordpad or ms-word: Keep it safe: later on you will use this url. So copy it in any text editor safely: 
  • Now go and delete this page which you have copied the url. Do,not confused we will get it again. Now to delete this page click on pages option and delete the same page which you have copied the url.

Now we have 19 pages left in our blog which which means that now we create one more new page *(page number 21)* because you have already deleted an old page (page number 1)

  • Now create new page note that this will be considered page number 21. if you cont it from page number 2. 
  • Now again we have 20 static pages in our blog if we counting it from 2 to 21.

Now we can easily retrieve our old page number which we have deleted in first step: To retrieve that page Click on new tab on browser and past the URL of that deleted page which you have copied earlier.

  • Now you will see the result that the deleted page is appearing on screen. Now just simply click on publish button. 
  • Once you have clicked on the publish buttons you will get the deleted page and now you have 21 static pages in blog: 

Repeating the same process as many times as you want the number of additional pages in your blog. 

In the Last:

So By this little and amazing trick. you learnt how to create more than 20 static pages in blogger blog. Share this tricks so that your friends can also enjoy this. Also do not forget to share your views in comments till then Peace, Blessings and Happy Creating.

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