How to Disable RSS Feeds in Blogger?

In some case bloggers desire to disable their blogs RSS Feeds and it is usually because of numerous reasons. The two main reasons which are coming in my mind is that bloggers simply don’t need its post to be emailed or in the event that someone with your RSS Feeds are auto publishing articles in its website. Yes your Feed can be copied using different scripts in both these case you try to disable RSS feeds in your blog. In this tutorial I will be guiding you how you can disable your Rss Feed in Blogger blog. So lets start this simple tutorial.

Disabling RSS Feed In Your Blog:

Login into your blogger account and select that blog in which you need RSS to be disabled. Now, go to Settings>> Others and under Site feed there will be an option named as Allow Blog feed along with that you will see drop down. Open that drop down and there will be various option available which are described in the below screenshot:

Full >> will display your whole post in RSS feed, Until Jump Break >> will display post until jump break in RSS feed, Short >> will display a short portion of content in RSS Feed,  Custom>> will display further options you can choose from, and None >> will completely disable your RSS feed.

In this article I am explaining about disabling RSS Feed but I have defined all the other options too so you get to know about every option available in Blogger for RSS settings.

After selecting None from drop down click on save settings button and you are done.

From Author's Desk:

I hope you understand this tutorial well and successfully disable Rss Feeds in your blogger blog. Now It's your turn to share this post with your friends and write your precious feedback in comment box below till then Peace, Blessings and Happy Disabling.

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