Why You Should Use Blogger Blogging Platform?

Blogger is the only cost-free and effective content management platform but getting credit of its advantages, most of us get deep about its rusty behaviour. Have you viewed blogger these days? 7 years past it acquired about more than 250,000 active users, but nowadays it is the only platform which has over 600 million users. That’s a lot more than the whole population of South america. Over way back when few years, Blogger offers evolved being a versatile CMS program. We have seen that many top companies like Twitter is utilizing blogger platform to host their content and share about themselves. It is often a powerful tool with effective features. We possess collected a couple of reasons that for you to use Blogger, What usually are its crucial features, And the reason why Blogger is superior to others.

Why Blogger?


This is just about the important reasons behind using Blogger blogs. As your entire blog data will stashed in Blogger’s server and so the speed will be much swifter, and the actual another grounds for it is usually Blogger has a great number of servers to be able to provider better speed such as if you are by India and also opened virtually any BlogSpot blog including example.blogspot.com compared to Blogger will probably automatically redirect you to example.blogspot.in so your visitors will probably serve your blog from his/her personal country.
As ones blog’s most data will be stored with Blogger’s server so your blog can certainly run with huge targeted visitors too, while with WordPress self-hosted will probably be depend after your hosting provider the amount of your website/blog might take traffic, and if you meet or exceed the control than your blog will purely get down or gradual.

No CDN Needed:

Without a doubt, you didn’t need any sort of CDN because your blog will always be served by Google CDN if you are using Blogger. You also have not to work with CDN regarding security due to the fact Blogger blogs will also be part associated with Google accounts which are highly secure. This can be also good reason why Blogger blogs possess good loading speed. However people use a lot of junk things in their blog and slow down their blogger blog itself. Check this:

Easy To Use:

Blogger is the quite convenient to use blogging platform that is certainly why quite a few peoples recommend for beginners to use Blogger. Using your own top-level domain is also easier on Blogger blogs. The another good thing is in case you are blogging with BlogSpot subdomain and soon after getting visits you've got purchased a new domain than you just setup which and the best thing is, you don’t must inform search engines and peoples that you've now the custom domain because whenever anyone visit with your BlogSpot blog site (after establishing new domain) he/she will probably automatically serve for a new domain. So, yet again it helps make your most work less complicated.


Security is one of the most important thing matter on Blogger. As Blogger account can also be a part of Google account therefore the security or blog will be too high. Google always seek to make your own account protection more, and because of the new protection features such as 2-Step Verification Google possesses made extremely hard for hackers to hack into anyone’s Google account, also a lot of other websites has now providing this protection feature.

In the Last:

I hope you note down all the best things that Blogger have more than any other blogging platform. I recommend you to choose Blogger as your blogging platform  because it is being used by more than 600 million people nowadays along with some top brands like Twitter. Happy Blogging!

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