Blogger Naked Domain (Without WWW) Error : Fixed

When anyone wants to create a new blog then blogger is best option to choose for its great and versatile characteristics like no cost hosting, SEO friendly characteristics like Customized Robots Header Tags,  404 error pages,Customized Robots.txt options and much more. We may also use each of our domain name to build our blog to be a professional blog which seems like but there's a limitation throughout using custom url of your blogger blog that is usually we can’t work with naked domain of your website or without www version of our blogger domain name. That's why today I came across with a great trick to redirect naked domain (non www) to your domain in blogger blogs. This trick will helps you in increasing pageviews of your blog too. So lets start the tutorial.

How to Use Naked Domain (Without WWW) in Blogger?

Below are some very easy to perform steps which you have to perform to use non www domain for your blogger blog.
  1. Go to Blogger >> Settings >> Basic >> Publishing.
  2. If you are already using your domain name then click on “Edit” button just after the domain name under the Blogger Address field otherwise click on “+ Add a custom domain” link just below your blog address. See below screenshot.

  3. Now click on Switch to advanced settings link and type your domain name started with a single space like ””. Remember you have to put a single space before your domain name otherwise you will get below error.

  1. Now verify your domain authority by adding two CNAMEs into your Domain Name System (DNS) settings.

  1. Now, You have to add 4 A-Name Records as below:

  • Click Save Now!
  • You are just one step away, just go to Blog's Basic Settings and under publishing tab > Click on edit and Tick the button as shown below:
  • Click the Save Button and You're ready to rock!

Final Words:

Now! Your blogger blog will successfully redirect to your blog with www also if you log on with naked domain (without www) . Share this post with your friends so that they also can enjoy this post till then Peace, Blessings and Happy Redirecting.