How to Remove Posts Time and Date from Blogger Posts

Recently I Google this topic but i was unable to find appropriate answer of this topic. Many of the sites listed in search told to add xyz codes in the template but it takes so much time and it is very difficult for a beginner. So I bring an easy tutorial for beginners to easily hide post dates and time.
By default Blogger features date header with each blogs. Based on your own settings it'll show the actual posted day, month along with year on each post. You can certainly modify the actual date format and also you can eliminate it. So lets see how you can remove or hide posts time and dates from all posts in your blogger blog.

How to hide post date in Blogger posts:

To hide or remove post date in Blogger blog posts you don’t have to edit your template files. Just login to your Blogger dashboard and head to Layout and on blog posts click edit and then uncheck the date in popup window and the post date will hide from your all blog posts.

How to hide or remove time in Blogger posts

It is important that you show dates in you blog posts, but not time. People don’t actually benefit from time that you display in your blog posts and so remove it. To remove time in Blogger post you need to uncheck the box where you see the time in blog post layout settings.

Final Words:

This is an easy tutorial for Beginners to remove posts date and time easily without touching the template. Now It's your turn to share this post and write your feedbacks in comments till then Happy Removing.

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