How to Check Your Blog For Malware Scripts Online?

Malware is defined as a malicious code which messes up with all the functionalities of your website as well as blogs once it gained entry to your website scripts they will collect very sensitive information from a websites. When many of us add third-party widgets as well as plugins to our blogs we don't know what kind of script we are adding along with that widget. The prevention is that, we may check your blog for malware soon after applying templates or widgets. In this tutorial we will tell you how you can check your blog for malicious scripts online.

Nowadays Blogger.Com itself-monitoring blogs for adware and spyware scripts of course, if any found they are going to add a new warning information of malware each time user sees your site and additionally shoot people email in webmaster tools. This will bear upon your reputation among the readers and they might be uncomfortable in seeing your site again inside a fear regarding malware. So it is better for you to remove that script if it is found in your blog.

Online Tools to Check Malware Scripts :

Sucuri provides free online check for malware scripts placed on your blogs and list out basic information about the check. It also had a premium version by which securi scan your site on daily basis automatically and report you instantly when found any malware script.

Visit and insert your blog URL in Scan website text box, then press Scan Website button to initiate the procedure.

Virustotal is the product of Google, it is actually a free service which analyzes your blogs for suspicious files and URLS. It also detects viruses, Trojans, worms and of course all types of malware. and Select the URL tab and insert your blog URL in the text box, then press scan it button rest will be done by Virustotal.

That's it! 

In the Last :

That's the tutorial on the top 2 tools which can be used for scanning your blog or website free of cost. Now It's your turn to share this post with your friends and write your views in comments till then Happy Scanning.

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