Images Color Automatically Changing After Uploaded to Blogger : Error Fixed

If you are using Blogger, then you might have noticed a significant issue with picture quality. Each time,when a person uploads a high quality photo in his blogger blog post, it immediately gets resized to a lower quality that produces the uploaded picture blurry and also dark. This makes your whole blog unprofessional and left a bad remark on your visitors. So In this tutorial I will guide you how you can easily fix this issue and can get uploaded image as it is. So lets start the tutorial.

What's the cause of this Error :

That's not the fault of blogger, its because of your Google+ Account. Since Blogger is connected with Google+, the images you uploaded in blogger will also be available in your Google+ Account. In Google+ there is a settings that automatically enhances the size and quality of the uploaded images. You have to changes the settings from there.

How to Solve This Problem :

To solve this problem go to Google+ settings page as it can be seen below.

Now scroll down to Auto Enhance and just below the text that says “Automatically enhance new photos and videos” select off and you setting will be saved automatically. Now your pictures won’t be resized or become dark and loose its quality.

That's it! You are done now!

Final Touches:

These are the simple steps to disable enhancing uploaded images in your blogger blog. Now It's your turn to share this post so that your friends can also fix this error till then Happy Fixing.

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