How to Add Skype Contact Widget in Blogger

Almost every internet user is aware that Skype is one of the fastest and quickest conversion tool ever on the internet. More than ninety five percent individuals use Skype to speak with the clients, friends, Relatives and also uses regarding business requirements. In modern day era a lot of educational individuals take interview by utilizing Skype chat tool, as it has the high top priority and quality sound, no auto corrupt and easily to use interfce and access throughout world. So the majority of the bloggers like all of us also use Skype for quick conversion as an alternative to Facebook. So today I am going to guide you how to add skype contact widget in blogger.

How To Add Skype Contact Widget In Blogspot:


This is the first step you have to do the following customization, First you need to go theSkype developer area, By using this tool you can easily build up the Skype contact widget for your blogger blog. You will a created Skype contact widget once you land on the Skype developer area.


Enter Your Skype ID: On seeing this option you will need to add your Skype contact id.Remember you must insert your correct Skype id by which you interact with the Readers. Now, whenever someone use the gadget in your blog, you will get automatically notification on your Skype account.

Select the Proper Type: It solely depends upon you, what options you are going to provide to your visitors. In this way you can allow them to have a voice chat with you or can let them to have a direct call with you. In this section you can setup what rights you give to your readers.


Select Size of the Buttons: In this section you will need to select the proper width for the buttons. You can change the default button width, however we would say to use the default size. Go to next step:


  • Go to Blogger Dashboard:
  • Go to >> Layout >> Add >> Html/ Javascript:
  • Now Copy the Skype Code and Past into the Gadget:

All Done: After Coping the entire code and paste into the gadget you will see a splendid Skype contact widget in your blogger blog.Now whenever your readers leave their calls or message you will get automatically instant notification on your Skype account. 

Final Words:

So this is an easy tutorial to add a beautiful skype contact widget to your Blogger Blog. Now It's your turn to share this post with your friends and write your precious views in comments till then Happy Contacting.

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