How to Schedule Blog Posts for Auto Posting in Blogger

Scheduling the posts is among the best and well known feature included in blogger platform. This additional features was as part of the new interface of blogger. Now all blogger users can simply publish the posts in specific period by setup the particular schedule timing intended for post publishing. We've got seen alot of Pro Bloggers that they follow the program timing for submitting the posts as well as articles. So being a blogger user we need to know all the the functions inside blogger system. However i was also unacquainted with this splendid scheduling function which may help bloggers to publish posts automatically. Now you might also make a routine for auto submitting the posts about the specific timing in a day. So lets start the tutorial to learn scheduling blogger posts.

Why to Schedule?

We may have learned that readers appreciate and like frequent updated blogs. They are landing again and again if we retain our post frequency steady & on a regular basis. And you also realize that fact to operate blog by single author is just not an easier task or keeping post frequency. So there are several factor comes while our blog will be operating by sole author.
How could you update your site continuously Should you are an single author like me and what direction to go if you tend to be busy in dreadful exam, went to occasions or going to marriage & service. This time you'll likely lose your post frequency and some of your dependable and lover viewers. Now by playing a little trick you could easily build relationships your readers even though you are somewhere from the city, occasions or maybe busy in tests.
Before going to occasions, study for exams, or attending marital life and ceremony you should right multiple posts for the blog and schedule them to ensure these posts tend to be published automatically inside our absence. To discover ways to get auto submitting the posts with blogger lets begin to see the below method.

How to Schedule:

Follow the below given steps carefully and implement on your blog.

  1. Go to Blogger Dashboard:

  2. Create New Post.

  3. Now Once you finish writing your posts, click on the Schedule option from the post editor located on the right side.

  4. When you click on the schedule option tool, you would be able to see two options. Click on the set date time option. And select your desire timing and dates on which you want to schedule your blog posts for auto publishing or posting. See the below illustrative screenshots.

  5. Now click on done

  6. Remember:You must have to click on publish button. It will not publish your post on pressing publish button. But it will automatically publish your posts at the same time and date which you have scheduled for it.

Final Words:

This is an easy and little tutorial to schedule your blog posts in blogger and if you are busy in any occasion then you blog will be active. Now It's your turn to share this post with your friends and write your views in comments till then Happy Scheduling.

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