On-Page SEO Factors, You Aren't Aware Off

Search EngineOptimization, SEO abbreviation, is a long term process which involves certain factors consists for which a website rank higher in search engine.

Till yet, you might have been get-know about various seo factors - perhaps are you aware what the millionaires or big guys aren't sharing with?
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And to be frank, of-course with you (yes, I do) I'm breaking down few of the On-Page SEO Factors which probably you aren't aware of.

Isn't quite it interesting topic, to deal with?

And so,let's gear up, and learn few on-page seo factors.

1. Keyword Research and Selection –

To start keyword research you need to think about your visitors,  Keep this in mind…

Your keyword for which you are going to write it related to your article topic for which you want to do keyword research. You are optimizing for the keywords plan for which visitors associate with the information you are going to do offering. 

If you are a new in the blogging and you keeping small authority on eyes of search engines, you need to do your efforts on long-tail keyword plan terms and Semantically Related Keyword Planner as part of your keyword search round.

2. Optimize Keywords in URL –

Make primary URL for your page or readers, make sure your URL is optimized with the best of search engines. Just as the best make fill your web page with best keyword and relevant with your niche and topic you are writing about, you should give a name to the file after your main keyword plan.

Making your article relevant to article contained with-in the page. It is not only an important SEO organization factor, If you have a WordPress.org based site, and your URL structure shows just directly after your domain name to words for the address.

3. Optimize Keywords in Title Tag –

The title tag is possibly the most important tag in a website which help you to make best title when you try to increase your search-engine rankings for a particular keyword or keyword phrase. 

Search engines use the text contained within the title tag as a primary factor to determine what the content of a certain web page is about.

4. Optimize Keywords in Description Meta Tag –

You should optimize each and every meta description tag which are very important for your web site because meta description tags are the main tool which describe you that what your site have in it information that your visitors see when your site is in front of them.

Even though the meta description tags are not important to search engine rankings but they are extremely important in gaining user click-through from search engine result pages (SERPs).

5. Optimize Keywords in Heading Tags –

H1, h2, h3 to h6 tags – The headlines to the articles you write are crucial… as I mentioned in the Title Tags area, you have less than 10 seconds to get the attention from the user’s attention.

Your headline, which will be the description of the post on your blog, is around 90 percent is the main source which attract the reader to read your blog, so make sure your headline title will surely get interest from the reader.

Use the header tags to apply significance header to topics on your page.  Search-engine ranking algorithms always take a look on the header tag of your website.

And perhaps, le me know what's missing (through comments)

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